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A&R Faqs

How should I send you my demos?
The best way to submit your demos to us is via an MP3 or send an email with a link to an online stream (eg Soundcloud/Bandcamp) to the email address listed below. We also accept CD-Rs, but an MP3 or link to stream is preferable.

Who should I send demos to?
Email links to: [email protected]

Demos should be addressed to:
A&R Department
Sony Music Entertainment Ireland
Floor 4, Embassy House
Dublin 4

What should be on the demo?
You should carefully choose your best three tracks and only submit them, putting the best of these tracks first. If we like what we hear then we’ll be in contact to ask to hear more.

Should I include photos and a press release with the package?
If you are submitting material via email, please include a link to your website/social media pages (if you have anyway). If you are posting a CD-R, the only thing you need to include with the package is your contact details, clearly written on the box and on the CD-R itself. It is not necessary to enclose anything else at this stage – if we like what we hear we’ll be in touch to ask for more details.

Who listens to my demo?
The A&R Scouts look out for new music so initially your demo will be listened to by one of them. If they like what they hear they’ll make sure everyone else hears it too.

What are you looking for in a demo?
Great songs, talent, originality, quality and a great performance all help, but basically something which makes what you’re doing stand out from what everyone else is doing.

Can you come to a gig and see us play?
A&R people go to live shows every night so, if we like your demo, we’ll be in touch and make sure we’re at a gig as soon as we can be.

If you like the live show, what would be the next step? If we really like your demo and love what you do live then we’ll be able to help fund some proper recordings, help you to find a manager, an agent, a lawyer etc… (if you don’t already have those people in place) and ultimately to offer you a record contract.

Will you provide me with feedback?
Unfortunately, due to the large number of demos we receive, we are unable to give detailed feedback to everyone. We are unable to return CD-Rs submitted to Sony Music Ireland, so please ensure that you have a copy of anything you are submitting!

I am a songwriter. Who do I need to speak with to get my songs covered?
If you don’t want a career as a performer but would like someone else to record your songs it is better to get in touch with a publishing company. Music publishers help to develop songwriters and to place their tracks with artists.