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The older brother of Irish folk singer Luka Bloom, Christy Moore is Ireland’s premier singer-songwriter. The former lead-vocalist and chief song-writer of Planxty and Moving Hearts, Moore helped to bring the musical traditions of Ireland up to modern standards and he has been a major inspiration to many modern Irish artists.

Traditional Irish music had little influence on Moore’s early music, trained in old-time pop tunes and religious music, Moore was inspired as a teenager by American Rock & Roll. Moore moved to Britain in the 1960s and began busking in the streets, whilst seamlessly extending his repertoire of traditional and folk songs. After returning to Ireland later in the decade, Moore released his debut album, Paddy On The Road.

Whilst recording his album Prosperous, Moore assembled a band that evolved into Planxty. The group’s fusion of Celtic music and high-energy rock made Planxty one of Ireland’s most influential bands, and brought Moore together with fellow diverse and skilled musicians Donal Lunny, Liam O’Flynn and Andy Irvine. Although he left Planxty in 1974, Moore returned when the band’s original line-up reunited in 1979. He remained with Planxty until 1983, when it evolved into a new band, Moving Hearts; Moore served as front-man there until leaving to resume his solo career in 1985…. Read More

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Paddy On The Road – released 1969
Prosperous – released 1970
Whatever Tickles Your Fancy – released 1975
Christy Moore – released 1976
The Iron Behind the Velvet – released 1978
Live in Dublin – released 1978
H Block – released 1978
Christy Moore and Friends – released 1981
The Time Has Come – released 1983
Ride On – released 1984
Ordinary Man – released 1985
The Spirit of Freedom – released 1986
Unfinished Revolution – released 1987
Voyage – released 1989
Smoke and Strong Whiskey – released 1991
The Christy Moore Collection 1981 – 1991- released 1991
King Puck – released 1993
Live at the Point – released 1994
Graffiti Tongue – released 1996
Christy Moore Collection Part 2 – released 1997
Traveller – released 1999
This is the Day – released 2001
Live at Vicar Street – released 2002
The Box Set 1964 – 2004 – released 2004
Burning Times – released 2005
Live at The Point 2006 – released 2006
Listen – released 2009
Where I Come From 2013
Lily 2016

Christy Moore Live In Dublin 2006 – released 2006

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